Urban Great: metropolitan atmospheres and design


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Urban Great oversized porcelain slabs expand the horizons of contemporary living with their visual continuity and colours inspired by concrete, the dominant element in today’s cities

Urban Great: metropolitan atmospheres and design
The choice of the best atmosphere for the home is increasingly oriented toward metropolitan style for both new and renovated apartments.
With its references to urban architecture, colours inspired by concrete and vintage elements, metropolitan design is only apparently simple.
In actual fact, it is one of the styles best representing today’s young generations, thanks to its immediacy, freedom of expression and ability to suggest a personal form of elegance which is rarely ostentatious. Aspects popular in all living environments, which stand out in the walls and floors, furnishings and accessories of all kinds of spaces, with bare roof beams and big windows to let in as much light as possible. 
In metropolitan style, we might say that overall style goes hand in hand with carefully chosen details, starting with the choice of surfaces.
Porcelaingres dedicates its new collection of Urban Great floor and wall coverings to this "metropolitan spirit", expanding its line of Urban porcelain slabs.
Ultra-thin at only 6 mm thick, and available in a variety of different sizes, Urban Great slabs have a reduced environmental footprint during both manufacturing and transport. 
The material’s numerous technical and aesthetic qualities are accompanied by an important reference to environmental sustainability, an aspect that further defines the metropolitan mood.
With Urban Great, the four classic colours Dove, Grey, Ivory and White are enriched with three new extra-large sizes: 100x100, 150x100, 300x100 cm. 
These larger surfaces emphasise visual continuity in indoor and outdoor spaces.
The sober yet highly expressive hues of Urban Great slabs bring to mind the new concept of stability in contemporary spaces: "horizons of glass and steel" and the concrete of the foundations on which our cities are built.

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