Ultra Marmi Ariostea: the utmost compositional freedom for floor and wall coverings

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Large sizes, original veins and a great variety of laying schemes allow the porcelain materials in Ariostea’s Ultra Marmi collections to customise public and private spaces in original, creative ways. Elegant Gris de Savoie is an example, laid in Budapest’s Duna Arena, an Olympic swimming pool and sports centre built for the 17th World Aquatics Championships

Ultra Marmi Ariostea: the utmost compositional freedom for floor and wall coverings
The style of porcelain surfaces defines today’s residential and urban spaces, underlining their practicality, creativity and customisation of spaces.
Today’s high-tech ceramics technologies permit creation of porcelain tiles in such great variety that they become true design modules, with aesthetic properties of their own that make an important contribution to the "thoughtful making of spaces" that is true architecture, as defined by the great architect Louis Kahn.
Despite the necessary standardisation of production, we are seeing a trend in design toward highly differentiated porcelain surfaces.
A unique identity defined through sizes, finishes, relief and unusual chromatic and visual effects (by eliminating or underlining textures, depending on the observer’s point of view, for example), which are then further underlined and interpreted in the overall picture. Or in the final laying scheme, in which, in many cases, the architect can choose and add a variety of mosaic tiles, decorative pieces and special pieces.
Ultra Ariostea, a leading maker of high-tech ceramics specialising in large high-tech slabs with a single thickness (the same thickness for all materials), permits customisation of spaces through a variety of compositional geometries, allowing for creation of highly expressive graphic elements thanks "to application of water jet and chromatic laser engraving technologies, a wealth of ornamental elements and special pieces", with unlimited potential for creating custom-tailored spaces, from big high traffic areas to intimate, exclusive rooms.
The company’s many collections include Ultra Marmi surfaces offering architects the utmost in compositional freedom.
Individual slabs, characterised by original veins and stripes in a variety of different marbles, permit visual continuity with drastically reduced grouting in laying schemes. 
Obvious examples are the book match scheme, in which the mirror effect of the composition is "synonymous with ultra-high quality quarrying" (possible in the Statuario Altissimo, Arabescato Statuario and Statuario Ultra collections) and marble grain continuity, allowing floors and walls to be covered with continuity between one slab and the next.
From ivory white to cream, from travertine to sophisticated black marble, Ultra Ariostea’s Marmi high-tech range offers a great choice of surfaces, all characterised by the innate ornamental value typical of natural marble.
In this gallery we present the refined, radiant greys of the Ultra Gris de Savoie collection, recently used in an internationally prominent project: Duna Arena Olympic swimming pool and aquatic sports centre in Budapest, built for the 17th FINA World Aquatics Championships in July 2017.
Crossed by sophisticated chiaroscuro veining, Gris de Savoie marks a return to the classicism and prestige of natural marble, in a timeless aesthetic idiom infusing today’s spaces with a unique harmony.
Soft and Shiny finishes underline the slabs’ dynamic details, their surprising beauty and shine in both residential spaces and high traffic public facilities such as the Duna Arena.
In terms of technical performance, its acknowledged impermeability and efficacy under mechanical stress and pedestrian traffic makes Gris de Savoie the perfect material for contemporary design, combining the best technical performance in coverings with a sophisticated, elegant contemporary style.

Marco Privato


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