Soul Charme and Glamour: twin souls for adding colour to contemporary spaces


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Bright, original colours and classic hues: these are the twin moods of Soul, a collection of Iris enamelled porcelain floor coverings and single-fired Semigres wall coverings. Two refined, expressive solutions that may be matched with contemporary furnishings, particularly well-suited for use in the bathroom

Soul Charme and Glamour: twin souls for adding colour to contemporary spaces
The bathroom, the kitchen and children’s bedrooms are the rooms in the home where people are most likely to use bright and trendy colours. 
These are the spaces where people are most inclined to give free rein to their creativity, indulging in the pleasures of vision and the senses, customising rooms at will.
But in any space in the home, the colour of surfaces contributes an emotional charge and intensity capable of adding character to the entire home, making choice of colour a factor of essential importance.
As in past years, the most original colour trends for 2017 are oriented towards unusual hues and exotic references that stimulate and reveal our most intimate states of mind and preferences.
Not only furnishings and accessories make use of the full colour palette, but porcelain floor and wall tiles as well, working with them in innovative ways to permit a truly amazing range of chromatic solutions.
In a href="http://www.irisceramica.it" target="_blank">Iris Ceramica’s collections of floor and wall tiles, colour is often the discriminating factor around which indoor and outdoor projects revolve.
The Soul collection of porcelain tiles, particularly when applied in the bathroom, uses chromatic variety to create a space in which the expressiveness of original colours is combined with more neutral, sober hues.
It is easy to combine the traditional white of the bathroom fixtures and accessories with single-fired Semigres wall coverings and enamelled porcelain floors which aesthetically underline the shapes and lights in the room.
Iris’s Soul line comes in a colour palette of 9 solid colours, divided into 2 distinct chromatic souls: elegant, refined Charme (in the shades Tan, Cacao, Sea, and Indigo); Glamour, which "expresses emotion, passion and dynamism" (in Cyan, Petrol, Purple, and Indian Red) and the Ivory solution, which goes with either one. All of them offer excellent solutions for contemporary interiors.
Soul colours are saturated, with bright surfaces creating a slightly 3D effect, suggested by refined patterns in relief.
These include the original chromatic solutions proposed in the porcelain tiles in the Glamour line, in full, shiny, original colours with a bold impact in the living room and kitchen.
The mosaic tiles and decorative pieces accompanying these collections are freely modular, so they can be applied with colours to create backdrops, vertical columns, and horizontal bands, but also for mosaic laying.

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