Reinventing spaces with large floor tiles

Porcelain Tile,

FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti,

FMG’s maxi floor tiles combine large size with low thickness without altering the aesthetic qualities characteristic of porcelain. The resulting visual continuity ensures that surfaces underline the radiance and expressiveness of the room.

Reinventing spaces with large floor tiles

When technology changes the size of laying materials, such as oversized ceramic tiles, it offers important new compositional possibilities for indoor spaces.

Floors made with large ceramic tiles ensure particular visual continuity, an aspect of primary importance in design, where every detail contributes to definition of the overall feeling of a room. Surfaces can surround the living space entirely, conveying a perception of cosiness and reassurance.
This result can be obtained with minimal, almost imperceptible grouting, as in the case of MAXFINE, FMG?s collection of large porcelain tiles.
The combination of extra-large size (tiles measuring 4.5 m2) and low thickness (3 or 6 mm) creates a tile with a unique ability to enhances the radiance of the room when used on the floor or walls.

From the technical point of view, MAXFINE is made entirely of porcelain, with a polished finish maintaining all the material?s most popular features (strength, easy cleaning, inalterability over time).
The visual continuity thus created adds value at later stages in interior design: for when we customise a space, we must ensure not only that it meets the requirements of its function but that it offers the greatest possible freedom in choice of solutions.
The compositional possibilities of large floor tiles are expanded by a vast choice of different hues and colours, but it is above all the differentiation of different sizes that makes a space truly distinctive.
Polished porcelain allows us to make use of this wide range of solutions without sacrificing technical quality, maintaining its expressive power unaltered over time.