Porcelaingres: Medley Stone floor and wall coverings

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Balance and originality are the keys to the design of Porcelaingres’s Medley Stone porcelain surfaces. Inspired by marks made on stone, they add a creative, harmonious touch to indoor and outdoor spaces and as finishes for furniture

Porcelaingres: Medley Stone floor and wall coverings

Its technical performance makes porcelain the first choice among products used in today’s surfaces. Its inalterability, resistance to stress and scratching, easy cleaning and maintenance make it the perfect material for indoor and outdoor floors in both new and renovated homes. And the material’s technical properties are matched by its surprising aesthetic potential. Porcelain surfaces are increasingly characterised by a series of effects inspired by traditional and contemporary materials, creating tiles that look like stone, marble, cement, metal and so on.

Porcelaingres has designed a new collection of high-tech porcelain tiles, Medley Stone, drawing inspiration from the "sequence of marks made on stone". The natural textures of stone are a magnificent example of originality and of the effects of time and the weather. Rocks are unique, unrepeatable materials, and observation of nature inspired Porcelaingres to perform a careful selection of different ways of working stone. Different hues, slight variations or bold colour contrasts, sudden changes and unusual veining are the ingredients, or better yet, the notes determining and defining the final product.

The result is a tile composed of harmonious surfaces: as in music, when a medley of "different songs played without interruption" creates the effect of a single complex harmony. In Medley Stone, Porcelaingres starts "from a single matrix and juxtaposes different structures" to create spaces defined by the balance and creativity of the composition. Available in 3 variants, Soft Cream, Perfect Greige and Cloudly Grey, Medley Stone is available in different sizes and thicknesses to add to its versatility for application outdoors, indoors and as a finish for pieces of furniture.

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