Outdoor settings for Iris ceramics


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Iris Ceramica’s porcelain tiles for outdoor use can cover surfaces in open-air spaces of all kinds, from the largest to the cosiest little space, making the most of natural light and creating visual continuity or contrast with indoor surfaces and the landscape

Outdoor settings for Iris ceramics

Spring and summer reawaken the desire to take care of outdoor spaces and gardens.
Finding time to take care of outdoor surfaces has always been necessary to maintain order and cleanliness, but nowadays it also offers an opportunity to relax, alone or with the family.
People are rediscovering the "outdoor room" in the home, decorating it with vases and flowers and with numerous items of furniture ranging from tables to gazebos and barbecue areas.
Iris Ceramica has dedicated a series of installations of great expressive power to porcelain surfaces for outdoor use which make the most of every little corner and all available natural light. These are installations made using porcelain tiles from various different collections which we have selected in our gallery to underline the company’s variety of solutions for outdoor spaces.

Porcelain stoneware is the perfect material for outdoor spaces, because of its inalterability and above all its non-slip properties, resistance to deep abrasion and temperature excursions, and complete waterproofness.
We can be confident of the technical quality of Iris porcelain for outdoor use and concentrate entirely on the formal and aesthetic aspects of our outdoor spaces. The first consideration in the choice of surfaces is the decision whether to maintain continuity or semi-continuity with indoor spaces or aim for a bold contrast to underline the outdoor landscape. These are personal choices in which the available space has a major impact (patios, arcades, pool decks, pathways), for which Iris has designed a series of porcelain tiles responding to all requirements.

The examples of IRIS outdoor tiles suggested here come from the Le Pietre del Mulino, Blocks 5.0, Sync, Piasentine, E-Wood and French Woods, Quarziti, Calx and Shire collections, seen in the context of ceramic installations for outdoor use which also include Made, Flows, Moving, Space, Madeira and Reside. Every high-tech porcelain collection is available in a variety of different sizes and colours to cover the entire range of floors that may be used for all traditional, modern and contemporary styles, both outdoors and indoors.

Examples include Blocks 5.0, in which 5 variants (Rust, Dark, White, Wood and Grey) are used to create a variety of urban atmospheres: spaces range from traditional homes to stations, from lofts and other spaces with a vintage look to industries and living rooms. "These are materials that can only have been given their current appearance by the passage of time, from iron rusted by oxygen to stone worn away by water."
French Woods and E-Wood are among Iris’s cutting-edge products, reproducing the appearance of various prestigious wood varieties in porcelain. The warm, natural look of the strips in these two collections makes them ideal for covering outdoor spaces of all kinds, from cosy minimalist corners to convivial large open spaces.
Diversified and welcoming like traditional rural Italian constructions, the Le Pietre del Mulino; collection includes three varieties, Valeggio, Monterivo and Castello, with surfaces which convey the typical warmth of stone in a delicate harmony of colours in all the hues of the Mediterranean.

Marco Privato