New Maxfine Onyxes: the beauty and tradition of FMG coverings


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FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti,

FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti expands its Maxfine range with 6 new varieties of Onyx: a luminescent, high-impact colour palette adding new beauty and value to spaces of all kinds, from high-end contract projects to luxury interiors. Unalterable by the passage of time and memory, the prestige of onyx adds a brilliant touch of luxury which is evident at first glance with its unique veining and natural colour combinations

New Maxfine Onyxes: the beauty and tradition of FMG coverings
The beauty of natural stone has always represented an inexhaustible source of inspiration for interior and exterior spaces.
Rich in original forms and veins, characterised by a great variety of colours, stone is a constant reference in contemporary design for creating and improving surfaces, objects and furnishings.
Over the millennia human beings have chosen to surround themselves with various types of stone chosen for their elegance, expressiveness, and distinctive character. 
These include onyx, a highly recognisable, beautiful mineral which stands out for its white veins, often arranged in concentric circles, and for the presence of colourless areas and alternation of different colours.
The unusual appearance and great variety of hue of onyx have always been seen as a sign of prestige and refinement, qualifying the material for use as a covering in royal palaces.
Today’s high-tech ceramics look to onyx as an exemplary material for creating a contemporary mood adding an original touch to spaces and recalling a timeless, almost ethereal form of beauty as pure and evasive as that of marble.
High-tech ceramics draw inspiration from this look, expanding the range of materials available to designers. FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti offers six new textures based on Onyx, expanding the range of its innovative Maxfine collection.
Drawing on the know-how of the Iris Ceramica Group, of which it has been a member for 20 years, the FMG brand continues to come up with innovative high-tech and design solutions balancing the past with the future.
The stones selected by FMG are combinations of clays, sands and minerals which nature compacts through tectonic motion and fires through the heat of the surface layers of the earth’s crust. 
By reproducing these natural processes of "pressure and fire", FMG creates particularly high-performing materials of innovative purity and environmental compatibility: sands, clays and minerals are " quarried without damaging the environment”.
Maxfine represents one of FMG’s top achievements: a covering concept which is strictly Made in Italy for contemporary designs, high-tech ceramic slabs measuring up to 320x160 cm and only 6 mm thick.
Maxfine is truly unique when it comes to performance: it not only combines large size with reduced thickness, but offers a perfectly smooth surface guaranteeing aesthetic quality and high resistance to stress.
Presented at Cersaie 2018, the six new Maxfine Onyxes, Onice Reale, Ghiaccio, Ambra, Malaga, Giada, Alabastrino, in the maxi-slab 300x150 cm format, stand out for their variety of intense hues, ranging from pink to orange, from green to ivory and " endless nuances of white that highlight their textures and recall the magical atmosphere of far-away places".
Available with a glossy finish and in book-matched form, the new Onyx surfaces for design add to the many colours already available in the FMG catalogue (including Oro, Perla, Verde, Grigio and Avorio) intended for luxury interiors and high-end contract projects.
Examples of projects demonstrating the exclusiveness and refinement of onyx in FMG materials include the Grand Hotel Simplon in Baveno, a member of the renowned Zacchera Hotels Group located on the shore of beautiful Lake Maggiore.
In its floor and wall coverings of clearly classical inspiration, the Hotel Simplon uses FMG marbles and the colours Perla and Oro of the Onici range to add an unmistakeable touch of elegance, underlining the shimmer and natural veining of the surfaces and covering corridors, halls and public areas with light and prestige.

Marco Privato