Minimalist design of Nordic inspiration: Loft ceramic surfaces


Elegance, rationality, formal cleanliness and simplicity are the most obvious properties of many contemporary styles, such as the uniquely balanced, attractive Nordic style. Porcelaingres created the Loft collection of ceramic surfaces inspired by the atmospheres and properties of this refined form of design which is nonetheless sober, minimalist and easily matched as it is based on natural materials such as stone and cement

Minimalist design of Nordic inspiration: Loft ceramic surfaces
Nordic design is a source of inspiration for numerous interior design projects, both in new homes and for renovation of outdoor spaces.
For decades the strong points of the Nordic style have been practicality, simplicity, the natural properties of materials, the importance of light and harmonious forms.
The important contribution of light flowing in through large windows creates an atmosphere of warmth, wellness and hospitality in interiors in Nordic style. All this is a direct consequence of a vision of design which takes into account the notoriously severe climatic conditions of Scandinavian countries.
On the basis of this initial orientation, Nordic design maintains a clear link with the environment, for instance through sustainability and recycling of materials, as well as furnishings made with untreated fabrics.
Like all successful design trends, Nordic style has evolved over the decades, resulting in countless variations (such as vintage Nordic style reflecting the earliest phase in its evolution) while maintaining the same basic attributes.
As the style has evolved, it has produced projects of clear Nordic inspiration, including the tendency toward minimalism and rationality, use of simple, instantly recognisable natural materials, and formal elegance.
The same applies to high-tech ceramic surfaces inspired by various interior decorating styles, drawing inspiration from a variety of underlying concepts and expanding their creative possibilities thanks to the current evolution of the ceramics industry.
The new Loft collection by Porcelaingres is clearly of Nordic inspiration, drawing on the qualities of natural materials such as stone and cement. 
Porcelaingres is a young brand in the Iris Ceramica Group with a special focus on the evolution of design, and particularly green design. 
Evidence of the company’s commitment to pursuing the best ecologically sustainable solutions is provided by the highly innovative Porcelaingres plant in Vetschau, one of the largest in Europe in terms of both type and size. 
"The plant makes it possible to recycle broken and rejected pieces, to purify and re-use water and to produce the energy needed for production independently."
Porcelaingres has always privileged dialogue with customers, architects and designers. These encounters constantly offer new inspiration, translated into porcelain collections of great technical and aesthetic value.
The recent Loft collection illustrates a number of the principal features of contemporary style of northern European inspiration, such as simplicity, use of natural materials and the concept of minimalism.
The colour palette includes four natural colours (Loft Snow, Loft Sand, Loft Smoke, Loft Dark) which can easily be integrated and combined with the latest new design trends.
This range of colours also permits customisation of homes, workplaces and public spaces as it is based on intermediate neutral hues and two extremes of light and dark, all of which are extremely delicate and unsaturated.
"The solid heft of cement and the natural elegance of stone come together" in these porcelain slabs. With the precious addition of tiny iridescent particles that reflect light to add character to the material, the ceramic slabs effectively decorate as well as covering surfaces, as a material that is natural, dynamic and aesthetically fascinating.
Appropriate for homes and public spaces alike, Loft is a cross-cutting, well-balanced collection of materials that is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, as it is available with two finishes, natural and textured.

Marco Privato

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