Light effects in porcelain tiles


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Light is an almost tangible element in Eiffelgres’s porcelain tile collections, essential for defining the atmosphere of any domestic, retail or public space

Light effects in porcelain tiles

Light and shadow are essential features determining the atmosphere of any space.

Interior designers use natural and artificial light as an object with a reality of its own, a material to be modified and moulded at will.

The surfaces of rooms, which play a key role in determining the mood of the space, have become particularly important in recent years thanks to the luminosity of porcelain.

The result of a technological process that begins with observation of natural stone, porcelain tiles have reached such a high level of performance that they have clearly become a key element in creating a light, diffused, intimate or rarefied atmosphere with floor and wall tiles for indoor and outdoor use.
In its many collections of high-tech porcelain tiles (E-Stone. Megamicro, E-Style), Eiffelgres pays special attention to maintaining all the unique features of quarried stone.

This includes the "considerable resistance to scratching, bending, frost and chemicals, and the natural veins" typical of porcelain.

In addition to these recognised qualities, it is worth underlining the importance of a cutting-edge technological process that creates an even more unique final look for a product: a range of tiles capable of boldly underlining light on floors and walls. 

A product with distinctive features, a porcelain tile capable of underlining the personality and identity of spaces.

In this gallery of images we focus on the unusual light effects that can be created by Eiffelgres porcelain tiles, and particularly the Pietra di Origine, Pietra di Brera, Pietra di Lichtenberg and Pietra di Aragona collections.

Available in a great variety of hues for highly personal selection and combination, porcelain tiles help to create the atmosphere in any public or private space, from the various rooms in the home to shops and showrooms, spas and wellness centres.

Spaces characterised by warmth and serenity, delicate and elegant atmospheres, because the time we spend walking and resting must always be a sensorial experience in which light, like any other element, can have a positive impact on our perception and overall well-being.

Marco Privato