Less is more: minimalist spaces with porcelain stoneware surfaces


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Van Der Rohe's famous motto comes to life in rooms decorated with porcelain tiles from Eiffelgres's Pietra d'Origine and Pietra di Brera collections, with their ability to underline the qualities of matter and light

Less is more: minimalist spaces with porcelain stoneware surfaces

The minimalist style is always the ideal when designing modern floor and wall tiles for home interiors and furnishings. Choosing a minimalist style for the home means relying on materials for the expressiveness of the entire home environment, where “less is more”, as Ludwig van der Rohe's famous motto goes. The materials of the porcelain floor and wall tiles in Eiffelgres's E-Stone line stand out for their details and for the potential light effects they can create.

Natural and artificial light play a key role in the design of minimalist environments decorated with porcelain stoneware, the material best qualified to underline and enhance the subtleties of hue of all surfaces in any style. Porcelain stoneware in the Pietra d'Origine collection (by arch. M. Bellei) may be classified as based on a "fine-grained sedimentary rock without fossils, but with inclusion of speckles no more than millimetres across". This stone is not stratified, and, depending where it is quarried, it may be enriched with minerals in various hues, inspiring a line of 6 different colours ranging, in order of lightest to darkest, from Avorio to Moro. Pietra d'Origine stands out for its great elegance and versatility, making it the perfect floor and wall tile for today's domestic, public and commercial spaces.

These delicate hues have unlimited decorating and accessorising potential: Pietra d'Origine's aesthetic qualities remain unaltered in classic and contemporary interiors. Available finishes include not only Natural and Glossy but Rough, with dots in relief making it perfect for outdoor floors requiring a greater friction coefficient. Pietra di Brera allows Eiffelgres to "bring the charm of natural stone up to date for today's interiors".  This line of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles also fits naturally into a variety of public and residential settings, maintaining all the charm of a light-coloured stone featuring sublte variations in hue.

Marco Privato