Elegance and strength: Ultra Marmi maxi-tiles

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Ariostea’s Ultra Marmi porcelain maxi-tiles combine the great variety of applications and flexibility of ceramics with innovative technological developments that have amplified the scale of these materials to up to 3 metres high and only 6-10 mm thick

Elegance and strength: Ultra Marmi maxi-tiles

Ceramics have always stood out for the material’s great flexibility and variety of potential applications. Porcelain is one of the most innovative ceramic solutions, one of a small number of materials capable of combining strength with great aesthetic quality. The technology has in fact achieved a level of performance that permits designers to create porcelain tiles offering the same performance on large and small floor and wall surfaces or for the creation of furnishings.

This is the case of Ultra Marmi maxi-tiles in the Ariostea High Tech line of marble effect maxi-tiles which depart from traditional sizes to offer a real ceramic solution with a basic unit of 150 cm (bigger than any other product on the market) only 6 mm thick. These two components underline both the ductility and the application potential of porcelain: the tile can still be maneuvered by human hands alone, permitting uninterrupted laying inside and outside over smooth, curved and even backlit surfaces. This vision of design is a product of the desire to go beyond the anthropometric references of Le Corbusier’s 1948 Modulor; for technology has now increased the scale of materials to up to 3 metres. In this way the material is no longer related "solely to the human factor, but to the building as a whole, permitting resolution of the external interface and dressing of interior spaces".

The vast Ultra Marmi collection is one of the most fascinating and elegant of Ariostea’s maxi-tile lines. Its many different versions (from Bianco Covelano to Gris de Savoie, from Arabescato to Statuario and Zebrino Black), Ultra Marmi may be used in living rooms, office halls, commercial spaces and public places: in short, in any project in which it is large size – real or perceived – that makes the difference in a space. Projects in which it is important to establish the sense of visual continuity that only maxi-tiles can guarantee, providing an even surface in which gaps are almost imperceptible. Based on the 320x160, 300x150 and 300x100 cm sizes, marble effect maxi-tiles are available in widths of 6 to 10 mm. 

Marco Privato