The elegance and charm of dark surfaces: Maxfine FMG marble

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Dark-coloured marble is one of the most popular trends in the ceramic industry for surfaces, thanks to its backgrounds with varying intensity and polychrome veins, which can be either irregular or more geometric in shape. With the line dedicated to the Maxfine large format slabs, FMG has developed a colour palette that makes it possible to lay them in any room, giving it light, prestige and sophistication

The elegance and charm of dark surfaces: Maxfine FMG marble The result of the combination of the beauty of marble and the elegance of dark colours is a fascinating surface with a timeless allure.
Countertops, furnishings, floors and walls all have an unparalleled appeal from the very first glance, making them always look modern with plenty of charm.
Its amazing brightness and vein details enhance the look of marble, perfectly complementing the atmosphere of any room, whatever its intended use.
Although light-coloured marble has always been appreciated for its luminosity, today it is dark marble that attracts the attention of designers and influencers who offer numerous marble solutions for the home as well as for offices, public buildings and business premises, which stand out for their visually striking look.
In recent years, the potential of dark marble has increased thanks to technical ceramics and is now offered in an attractive range of colours combining aesthetics, design and technology in a single product.
These aspects are further enhanced by the large format of the technical ceramic slabs.
The maxi slab, which can cover up to 4.5 square metres with a single module that is only a few millimetres thick, is an innovative cladding concept that is especially suited to contemporary style projects. Lightness, resistance and ductility make maxi porcelain stoneware slabs the benchmark product in the ceramic market, as they redefine the way spaces are perceived, connect interiors and exteriors, and reduce grout lines and visual obstacles to a minimum.
Iris Ceramica Group is a leading holding company in the global ceramic industry and in the Made in Italy sector.
Italian marble, one of the world’s most well-known and sought-after types of marble, has always been synonymous with prestige since, for centuries, it has been traditionally applied in the field of wall and floor cladding, sculpture and decorative arts.
With its long-standing experience in the field of technical ceramics, Iris Ceramica Group develops customised wall, floor and furnishing solutions through its many brands.
Among these, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti focuses especially on the aesthetics of marble and on large formats by offering an extensive catalogue of marble-effect products in its Maxfine collection of large slabs that includes 22 colours and 5 types of surfaces.
The types of dark marble that you can see here in the gallery are all characterised by exceptional expressive qualities, beauty and fine details that stand out against the background shades: Sahara Noir, Portoro, Black Marquinia and Black Venato.

Sahara Noir is a recent texture with geometric veins that create a contrast with the deep black background: the colours of the veins vary from orange to ivory, crossing the surface and creating indelible marks that bring to mind the white desert after which it is named, revealing its ancestral charm and shininess.
Portoro is a prized variety of black marble from the area of La Spezia, in Liguria. Over the centuries, its characteristic polychromy has made it an ideal cladding material for churches, villas and noble palaces.
With its shiny black background and irregular, golden veins, it is a compact, deeply textured ceramic product, well suited for floors and walls in wellness facilities and luxury product showrooms.
Among others, Maxfine Portoro by FMG was laid in prestigious hotels such as Hotel Simplon in Baveno, Piedmont, and at Hotel Cocoon by Alpenrose in Maurach, Austria.
Black Marquinia, the famous natural stone extracted in Spain, is a black marble with white veins of different intensity, which has an original and sophisticated look.
The FMG Black Marquinia slab is a versatile product capable of adding character and identity to any room, especially thanks to the contrasting colour combinations and interplays of light that enhance its surface.
With its characteristic polychrome veins on a dark background, Black Venato is a contemporary marble, delicate and never trivial: it is laid in hospitality and comfort facilities in order to enhance their elegance, combining a distinctive style with refined and evocative design effects.

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