Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica: the new design effects of Cosmic Marble

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The brilliance of marble is reinterpreted in the new Cosmic Marble collection of floor and wall coverings, a product of Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica’s ongoing aesthetic research and experimentation. Imagining an increasingly distant time-space horizon and boundless design, Cosmic Marble comes in 6 bright, variegated colours named after planets and satellites characterised by original golden hues and veins against a background of 2019’s trendiest colours

Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica: the new design effects of Cosmic Marble
There are plenty of trendy colours for floors and walls in 2019 to add a special touch in the home with highly customised spaces.
The 2019 colours for home decorating include, in addition to timeless basic and natural hues, a new colour palette with a focus on bright, lively colours that make use of technologies applied to the world of beautiful high-tech ceramics.
The effects of porcelain capture the eye and thrill with their lights and shadows.
In this heterogeneous mix of styles, the trend in surface design is to come up with evocative designs revealing the influence of globalisation and our multicultural society, continually contaminating different images and graphics with extraordinary results.
The result is fascinating surfaces such as metal and fabric-effect surfaces that reinvent the mood of the interior with new forms of shading and 3D effects.

A shared desire to experiment and an ability to continue innovating inspired Iris Ceramica to form a partnership with the Diesel brand, creating the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica homestyle for surfaces.
Already present in its famous clothing collections and developed over the years in collaboration with well-known furniture, lighting, accessories and textiles brands, Diesel Living explores the new frontiers in surfaces in partnership with Iris Ceramica, a prestigious Italian brand with decades of experience in interior design.

Iris Ceramica has been setting the global standard in ceramics since 1961 with collections that have gone down in the history of surface coverings, as demonstrated by the many international awards and acknowledgements the company has received.
Today, Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica reinterprets the traditional brilliance of marble with a collection taking surfaces up a notch: Cosmic Marble, presented at Cersaie 2018.
This highly expressive collection featuring bright colours variegated with brilliant brushstrokes of gold turns surfaces in the home into something like an artist’s canvas.
The result is an emphasis on the effects of light and shadow created by these surfaces, which become true objects of design in which "bold golden hues run together against backgrounds in a variety of colours to create a sophisticated look with a vaguely oriental flavour".

Presented with a glossy finish and a thickness of 9 mm in the 120x60 cm and 60x60 cm sizes, Cosmic Marble is available in 6 colours named after the best-known planets and satellites: Venus, Uranus, Saturne, Pluton, Mars and Lune.
With its original petroleum blue colour, Venus has "accentuated streaks that stand out like golden cirrus clouds ".
The waxy hues of Uranus create an ethereal dreamy atmosphere, while Pluton, inspired by the most distant planet, features lighter and darker shades of grey with golden inserts.
Saturne explores shades of light and dark grey, while Mars "defines its volcanic personality with flame red hues".
The colour palette is completed by Lune, inspired by the bright light of the moon in summer, once again with the addition of gold.
The dynamism of the slab is precious, polished to a high gloss to emphasise the prestige and beauty of its surfaces.
Cosmic Marble thus joins the eclectic collections, including Concrete, Industrial Glass, Camp, Stage and Hard Leather (link), in which Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica has explored the innovative moods offered by materials such as cement, glass, metals, cloth, jute and canvas over the years.
The slabs are inspired by lived-in versions of these materials, transliterated from icons of popular culture, idioms from exotic worlds remote in both space and time that have become a part of our collective imagination.

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