The charm of classic IRIS spaces: Muse floor and wall coverings


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Iris Ceramica’s Muse collection of enamelled porcelain floors and semi-gres wall coverings is inspired by the goddess of the arts, depositary of wisdom and patron of poetry. The result is an evocative, elegant collection in classic style, with a highly expressive character aesthetically expressed in 4 colours underlining all the attraction of natural stone

The charm of classic IRIS spaces: Muse floor and wall coverings
Porcelain is the most important element in many architectural projects, whenever the refined look of porcelain captures the observer’s eye, becoming the key expression of the space and catalysing attention more than any other element of design.
The look of porcelain, more than any other form of recent ceramic production, has seen a true explosion of creativity in recent years, with a vast increase in the number of solutions available to clients and designers.
Whatever the effects proposed (floor and wall coverings that look like wood, marble, stone, onyx and resins), what lies behind the aesthetic quality of porcelain is always the suggestions that emerge from observation of stones present in nature.
Human beings have in fact always observed natural stones, grasping their intrinsic fascination, as in the oriental art of suiseki, which has attracted and fascinated people for thousands of years by searching for, acquiring and then arranging stones collected in nature in human living spaces.
Starting with bizarre, unusual shapes created by the incessant action of time, wind and water, and incorporating motion, veins and colours: everything helps to determine the attraction and fascination stones have had over the centuries and continue to have for us today. 
For these intrinsic reasons, stones are key references in a number of disciplines for the symbolism and energy attributed to them, and to the designer’s attentive eye, they represent a creative resource to draw on, seeking to imitate them and reproduce them in spaces for everyday living.
In   Iris Ceramica’s Muse collection, the great expressive power of porcelain floors (enamelled) and walls (semi-gres) is truly impressive. The concept inspiring the collection, and its very name, recall "the goddesses of the arts, depositaries of wisdom and patrons of poetry, an expression of classicism and elegance". An evocative combination which takes the form of coverings with a powerful evocative component.
In all Iris Ceramica collections we may distinguish "the values recognisable in its products: research, design, Italian manufacture and, above all, variety of colour", but Muse stands out from the other collections for the energy, refinement and aesthetic potential of the combinations it offers.
In projects covered with Muse surfaces, the design of Iris porcelain characterises all the spaces in the home (bathroom, living room, kitchen), thanks in part to skilful positioning of the decorative elements available in the collection.
With a wealth of different hues and veins, Muse high-tech porcelain tiles differ among themselves with their four different basic colours, though they all share the same classic style, expressed equally well in light, intermediate and dark colours.

Shell is a slab with a bold yet subtle identity, "marked by soft stripes in hues of grey and amber".
In hues ranging from bronze to warm brown, Flame and Brass are ideal for today’s refined urban spaces. Their soft light, suggested rather than ostentatiously displayed, Opal is "black brightened up with bright highlights".
The material’s wealth is clearly underlined in the two versions of the decorative pieces available for all colours, also inspired by patron goddesses: "Talia, a frame surrounding material, and Clio, which duplicates this precious detail on a veined surface". Then there is the rich frieze of Calliope adorning Shell, the most delicate colour in the collection.

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