Ariostea porcelain: from nature to high-tech

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The warmth of stone and the power of high-tech come to life in Ariostea porcelain tiles, starting with the selection of raw materials and minerals. Produced by a process similar to that which takes place in nature, high-tech ceramic is a compact, non-absorbent, homogeneous material which stays beautiful and strong over the years

Ariostea porcelain: from nature to high-tech
Designing interiors with porcelain floor and wall coverings is easy and stimulating for anyone choosing surface materials for their own home or business.
The aesthetic potential of porcelain offers designers an opportunity to try out fascinating new creative solutions.
High-quality porcelain is in fact the material best suited to covering kitchen, living room and bathroom spaces.  
A vast colour palette, a wide range of textures and hues, and the sensory effects created by different finishes are only a few of the important aesthetic aspects that have elevated porcelain’s status over the past couple of decades from wall tile to a true item of design.
Offering added value for the home and for spaces of all kinds (offices, shops, showrooms, indoor and outdoor public areas), porcelain creates a refined, timeless look that can easily be customised to suit a great variety of decorating styles.
Ariostea, the historic Iris Ceramica Group brand, has been combining quality with technology since 1961 in search of the most innovative solutions for all the surfaces and requirements of contemporary living.
A pioneer in the study and development of high-tech ceramics, Ariostea was the first to launch on the market, in 2007, "ceramic woods that imitate the natural material, as has been done with stone and marble in the past". All with perfect respect for the environment, without cutting down a single tree!
One of the productive features that make Ariostea a leader in ceramics is the company’s know-how in mechanics and software, recognised for decades and protected by international patents.
Ariostea transforms carefully selected raw materials and minerals in its production plants using processes similar to those that take place in nature, using very high pressures and temperatures.
The final porcelain tile is a highly compact, non-absorbent, homogeneous material requiring only minimal maintenance. Its lasting beauty is guaranteed by its ability to resist abrasion, chemicals and temperature excursions.
Moreover, Ariostea slabs permit maximum customisation of spaces thanks to the “possibility of creating graphic elements using water-jet cutting and chromatic laser cutting”. In this case too, the compositional resources are practically unlimited, exponentially expanding the available range of ornamental elements and special pieces.
The most popular collections include Pietre Ariostea High-Tech : 16 colours and 5 finishes offering a contemporary version of all the energy of the classic materials that have been used to cover surfaces for centuries (including Pietra di Luserna, Pietra di Borgogna and Pietra di Merano).
With their variety of hue and sensory effects, irregular traces and balanced hues, High-tech stones look just as good in contemporary spaces with furniture in urban street style and in a new version of classic flooring with vintage, rural or Nordic design.
Greenstone is Ariostea’s collection of high-tech ceramic tiles with environmentally sustainable LEED and BREEAM product certification, available in 5 colours and 2 finishes.
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification attests to the "environmental, social and economic sustainability of buildings taken as a whole", and is in use in more than 40 countries. Ariostea’s Greenstone materials contain more than 40% recycled materials, raising the building’s score to the maximum level of LEED certification.
BREEAM certification, on the other hand, measures "buildings’ environmental impact through application of specific criteria for the assessment of the buildings’ sustainability" on the basis of the strictest technical parameters and the most accurate quality controls around.

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