Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Bay Area café interior design

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson,

Matthew Millman,

San Francisco, California, USA, USA,


The Bohlin Cywinski Jackson architecture studio is behind the interior design project for the San Francisco Bay Area café, a Blue Bottle Coffee brand café.

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Bay Area café interior design

Blue Bottle Coffee has commissioned Bohlin Cywinski Jackson architecture studio for the interior design of its Bay Area café chain. The first café was recently opened in the South Park area of San Francisco and will be followed by Boston, Miami, New York and Washington DC.

The architects have transformed a 1200 m2 ex-Koher warehouse, revealing the original brick structure and wooden columns. The aim of revealing the intrinsic beauty of the place, reduced to its essence, is to create an ideal parallel between the quality of the space and the quality of the coffee, the brand’s main product. At the same time the interior designed by the architects is a collage of the past, present and future of the company’s history,which began with small cafés.
A few essential furnishings underline the diverse functions and create optimal spaces for users and staff and the space has an immediate impact right from the street, thanks to the large windows. The colour palette of the interior includes the warm colour of wood, light blue walls and a concrete floor, which recall the colours of the brand. Wooden frames suspended from the ceiling are open boxes containing products for sale and, at the same time, divide the space separating the various functions with their shading.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Place: San Francisco, CA - USA
Photos: Matthew Millman