A getaway for creatives by TYIN Tegnestue

Rintala Eggertson, Sami Rintala,

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Norwegian firm TYIN Tegnestue, in collaboration with Sami Rintala of Rintala Eggertson Architects, have created a very unusual getaway on the island of Fleinvær in Norway.

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A getaway for creatives by TYIN Tegnestue Norwegian firm TYIN Tegnestue, in collaboration with Sami Rintala of Rintala Eggertson Architects, have created a very unusual getaway on the island of Fleinvær in Norway. The idea of musician Håvard Lund has been turned into a place inspired by the context and by music.

When a jazz musician and composer meets talented architects and the setting is the island of Fleinvær in the western Atlantic, off the coast of Norway, the closest town on the mainland being Bodø, then the architectural output can only be described as unique.
The whole project, a place where musicians, artists and other creative artists can retreat in the “rock 'n' roll” nature of the island to work is based on the metaphor of music: Håvard Lund insisted that the architects from TYIN Tegnestue call themselves his band members and they then invited Finnish architect Sami Rintala from Rintala Eggertson Architects to join the band too.
This was because designing in extreme but very fragile nature requires extra attention every step of the away to make sure the impact is minimised, Sami Rintala has impressive experience in this kind of work. The first thing they did was a 3D scan of the site, conducted with the architecture students from NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). This gave them the information they needed to create architecture with a limited footprint that could be easily removed. So, the minimalised foundations consist of steel columns curved at 15-degree angles, providing good anchorage and adaptation to the terrain.
The project itself is like a small village, with a sauna located by the seaside, and a small waiting room on the docks that has been converted into overnight accommodation with bathrooms, and four small single volumes that can sleep from 2 to 4 people. The canteen and the concert room are located in the centre in front of a small natural amphitheatre. The “njalla” workspace houses the “reflection room”, a modern interpretation of the traditional storehouses of the Sami people has been erected slightly apart from the rest. Again, it references the concept of a minimal footprint and has been constructed with a prefabricated steel frame, a tribute to their engineering know-how and sits on top of a pillar to give breath-taking views of the Nordic maritime landscape.
Continuing with the metaphor of music, the Immersion Room on Fleinvær is like a choral work, with architects, client and volunteers together making many of the design decisions for a result in complete harmony with the setting.

Christiane Bürklein

TYIN tegnestue Architects and Rintala Eggertsson Architects
Fordypningsrommet Fleinvaer
Location: Fleinvær, Gildeskål Kommune, Norway
Client: Håvard Lund
Project: Rent out artist residency
Building period: May 2013 - January 2017
Area: 123 m2
Photographs: © Pasi Aalto
Architects: Sami Rintala, Andreas G. Gjertsen, Yashar Hanstad, Dagur Eggertsson
Professionals: Hanmo (welding), Tømrer Stangvik (carpentry), Andrew Devine (carpentry), Ruben Stranger (carpentry), Harboe Leganger (engineer)
Students: Annika Persch Andersen, Simen Aas, Thea Hougsrud Andreassen, Edouard Bernard, Camille Boudeweel, Claudia Calvet Gomez, Steinar Hillersøy Dyvik, Sophie Galarneau, William Gibson, Henrik Pfeiffer, Elise Aunet Tyldum, Espen Strandmyr Eide, Aurora Schønfeldt Larsen, Kim Stroh, Erik Hadin, Anna van der Zwaag, Sara Lipinska, Harald Seljesæter, Tuva Andersen, Julia Kolacz, Mats Heggernæs, Anne-Margrethe Lothe, Ulrikke Schønfeldt, Anette Morvik Roberstad, Fredrik Asplin, Jan Fredrik Holmestrand, Alberto Reques, Sara Kamilla Wik, Edwina Brisbane, Adrian Aressønn Norwich, James Dugdale, Marek Lepiochin, Odin Ardach, Marie Norum, Tyra Mathilde Marsteng, Theodor Braatøy, Jana Mentges, Simone Marusi, Pilou Passard, Quentin Desveaux, Rahel Haas, Ninni Westerholm, Ambra Aliraj, Sebastià Mercadal, Ingrid Stenvik Larsen, Anna Maragno, Martin Boullay, Eirik Skårdalsmo, Even Egholm Fuglestad, Matilde Sundquist, Silva Marie Eikaas, Elisabeth Zachries, Benoît Perrier, Martin Barrère, Julie Huseby, Agathe Ledou, Ossian Quigley Berg .Roger Escorihuela, Emmanuel Banda
Workshop teachers: Sami Rintala, Andreas G. Gjertsen, Yashar Hanstad, Dagur Eggertssonm Carla Carvalho, Pasi Aalto, Kata Palicz