The “best of” Livegreenblog: Restaurants.

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The “best of” Livegreenblog: Restaurants.
e have discovered some unusual restaurants in recent months, and with the summer holiday period, we’d like to share some of these special places with you: venues that stand out because of their original, green design approach.

For Café Melba, designed by Singapore-based firm, studio designphase dba and located in the Goodman Arts Centre, the architects and designers opted for timber and glass, seeking an interacting flow between interiors and exterior. A perfect escape from the hectic pace of Singapore – which is only 15 minutes away – and easy to get to by public transport.

A new concept restaurant based on the “cradle-to-cradle” principle and fully self-sufficient in terms of energy is “Aan Zee” in Ostvoorne, the Netherlands. Dutch architecture firm, Emma was responsible for every detail, from the concept to the interior design to construction and even for the landscaping around it. A facility that opens new frontiers in eco-sustainable hospitality.

Die Giesserei” was a disused steel mill in the Oerlikon district of Zurich, and has now been converted into one of the city’s trendiest restaurants, an initiative of managers Fidel Gastro AG. Nothing was done to hide the buildings industrial architecture; in fact, the restaurant ambience works precisely because of this continuous reference to the past.

And a real gem to end with. The El Caramuxo restaurant is invisible from the outside, giving its customers a pleasant, unique experience. Spanish architects Ramon López-Neira and Beatriz Ciaurri designed this secret restaurant in Madrid hidden inside a cellar.

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