Singapore Sports Hub by DP Architects, an ecosystem for sport

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Singapore Sports Hub by DP Architects, an ecosystem for sport
Over the next few weeks, Livegreenblog will be presenting the details of the various parts of the Singapore Sports Hub, project by architecture firm DP Architects, with the engineers of ARUP and landscape architects of Aecom. Here is a general look at what is a real sustainable city of sport.

Architecture and landscaping are being used increasingly as a means for social change. The Singapore Sports Hub, key project in the government of Singapore’s urban redevelopment master plan, “Sports Singapore Vision 2030” is the biggest and most complex example of this in the world.

In June, Asia’s first integrated sports, leisure entertainment and lifestyle hub opened in Singapore. This real ecosystem has an ethical purpose – to promote a sustainable, healthy, active society and encourage public participation. The team of architects from DP Architects, ARUP engineers and Aecom landscapers worked together to come up with a facility that is not a short-term theme park but a long-term project with fine architectural facilities providing world class venues to play sports and to watch sporting events.

The Singapore Sports Hub integrates many green design solutions – one of its most interesting facets – creating a natural setting and high quality waterfront environment that is as accessible as possible to the general public and provide a new outlet for this city state and its 5 million-plus inhabitants.

Read the upcoming articles on Livegreenblog.com for a closer look at the various architectural elements of the hub, like the National Stadium and the OCBC Aquatic Centre!

Master Plan: DP Architects + Arup + AECOM 
Architecture | Sports Venues: Arup Associates + DP Architects 
Architecture | Office, retail, leisure: DP Architects 
Engineering: Arup 
Landscape: AECOM 
Images: Courtesy by DPA