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Rio Papaloapan residential building by Taller13
Mexican architectural studio Taller 13’s project stands out for its sustainability and use of a green roof to improve the building’s environmental performance.

The Rio Papaloapan building fits into the visual curtain of multi-unit residential constructions on the street on which it stands, fitting into its context with its sober façade. The building includes 8 apartments with 5 different layouts on 6 levels, all sharing the common denominator of wellness and reduced environmental footprint: an approach typical of Taller 13 architectural studios under the leadership of Elias Cattan.

Each space is designed with careful consideration of natural lighting and ventilation to save energy.

Building materials have been chosen on the basis of their Lifetime Cycle as well as their relevance to the construction’s surroundings. Precious rainwater is collected for use in the building.

The green roof created by Techos Vivos plays an important role in the project’s overall sustainability. It was planted with low maintenance local plants, playing an important role: the greenery helps the roof decrease the thermal island effect and therefore heating of the air in the city.

The vegetation protects the roof from UV radiation and heat while improving thermal and acoustic insulation. The plants offer nourishment for birds and insects, helping to maintain biodiversity, and the green area on the roof can also be used as an urban vegetable garden.

A building which is green not only in its soul, but on its surface too.

Design: Taller 13 Arquitectura Regenerativa, Arq. Elias Cattan / Arq. Patricio Guerrero, http://www.taller13.com/
Team members: Alexis Caprile, Alexander Pink, Guillermo Lights, Rafael Ayala
, Rubén Coxca, Gloria Oak Grove, Allan Ezban, Jose Luis Lemus.
Location: Rio Papaloapan, 15, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico
Landscaping: Techos Vivos / Gumersindo Jiménez
Year: 2007
Photographs: Rafael Gamo


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