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For years now, Singapore's Changi Airport has been regularly named top of its class.

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Opening of Terminal 4 of Changi Airport, Singapore For years now, Singapore's Changi Airport has been regularly named top of its class. And now it has opened Terminal 4, featuring a green-wall facade, a kind of avenue of trees, 340 plant species, suspended sculptures and a contactless passenger service to improve your travel experience. 

In this world of global nomads, where people are travelling on short and long-haul flights more and more frequently, the role of the points of departure and arrival - in this case, airports - is becoming increasingly important and goes beyond just bag drop and check-in. The security procedures in place and the time spent waiting for connecting flights mean you have to spend a lot more time inside the actual airport.
So, the challenge for airports is to improve the overall experience of travellers by making them as comfortable as possible and keeping them entertained. With an annual footfall of over 82 million people a year, the people at Changi Airport in Singapore take this challenge very seriously.
We all know that Changi Airport (CAG) has held the title of the world's best airport for years now, but on 31 October it upped the ante with the opening of Terminal 4, designed by firm Benoy as Concept Design Architect and Interior Designer to add even more services to visitor experiences.
The new Terminal 4 will be completed in 2019 with the world's biggest indoor waterfall but already now it welcomes passengers with an iconic green-wall facade on the outside. The nature theme continues inside with green walls, an avenue of trees, 340 plant species, tree-lined lounges and garden areas. The extensive use of plants inside also considerably improves the quality of the air, thereby adding to the global feel-good experience. Singapore's lush nature also informs the design of the spaces, forms and patterns, with petal-shaped skylights, plant-shaped ceiling lights and suspended sculptures, inspired by orchids.
At the same time, Terminal 4 is a hotbed of technology, offering lots of contactless services, including face scanning, mechanised luggage transport systems and futuristic cleaning robots. It also includes play zones for kids and for the whole family to relax in, shops referencing the historical legacy of Singapore, a spa, a theatre, lots of eateries, everything designed as a pleasant experience to make travelling easier, more relaxing and greener!

Christiane Bürklein

Project: Benoy - http://www.benoy.com/
Changi Airport Group (CAG)
Location: Singapore
Area: 337.000 m2 (Total GFA), 225.000 m2 (Passenger Terminal)
Images: Courtesy of Changi Airport Group http://www.changiairport.com/


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