novararchitettura 2.0.15 research on the territory and more

Paolo Schianchi, Carlo Ratti,

The second edition of novararachitettura 2.

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novararchitettura 2.0.15 research on the territory and more The second edition of novararachitettura 2.0.15 organised by the provinces of Novara and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola Order of Architects, Town Planners, Landscape Architects and Restorers examines   territorial issues. The objective of this initiative is to share architecture with the citizens. 

An architect's life is certainly not easy, neither in Italy nor elsewhere, and frequently the general public and potential clients do not have a clear idea of what architects actually do or what they are able to do since “doing architecture” does not stop at designing houses - but quite the contrary!

Therefore, for the second edition, the Novara Order of Architects has organised the current 2.0.15 novararachitettura, festival under the theme “territory”. An initiative which aims at dialogue with the citizens and, besides a series of seminars and meetings for the more expert public, presents many appointments in the city and surrounding areas like VideoMapping with 3D slides. These events are intended for everyone but special consideration has also been set apart for children who can get involved in hands-on activities in various workshops. 

The heart of this dialogue with the citizens of Novara is the Broletto complex, right in the city centre, between the cathedral square and corso Italia. Two large screens have been put up in the old monumental complex of buildings, constructed between the XIII and XVIII century, where loops of film will be showing projects created by local architects but not necessarily restricted to the region. 

The installation “Sensorial Tunnel” in the middle of the courtyard is particularly interesting. While walking through it, the history of the territory is told through a series of films, images and tactile surfaces related to the physical territory which is as it is intended in the definition on the novararchitettura site: a region or geographical area, a portion of ground or a certain stretch of land.

The complete programme of the events is on the site but we'd like to point out last week's event with Gonçalo Byrne and the meeting with tamassociati, PiuArch, Matilde Cassani and Carlo Ratti.
Paolo Schianchi, Mara Corradi and Christiane Bürklein from the Floornature team participated in novararchitettura with the conference “Visual marketing. An architectural firm conveyed as a brand”.

Christiane Bürklein

novararchitettura 2.0.15
until 4th October 2015
Novara, Italy
Images: Courtesy of novararchitettura 2.0.15, Christiane Bürklein


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