Mobile hotel. Hypercubus by wg3. Not just a container.

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Mobile hotel. Hypercubus by wg3. Not just a container.
Small, box-like accommodation structures abound. Revamping containers for residential use has become almost blasé but original designs based on the box idea are also gaining ground, and the Hypercubus by Austrian architecture firm, wg3 is one such example.

Small, modular transportable units to provide temporary accommodation, wherever it’s needed. This is the idea behind Hypercubus, designed by Austrian architecture firm wg3, namely to deliver a flexible holiday accommodation unit. This easily transportable mobile structure is even self-sufficient, if necessary.

Step aside permanent holiday home that stands empty for most of the year, and make way for this intrinsically sustainable approach!

One edge of the cube-shaped building is bolted onto a concrete base and it tilts upwards to lift the entrance off the ground, propping it up with a staircase. Apart from making the cube original and attractive looking, this clever stratagem also opens up the interior with three levels: a glass-lined bathroom, a living area with great views, and a sleeping loft.

So what are you waiting for? You too can experience “living on the edge”.

Project: wg3 http://www.wg3.at/
Year: 2012
Location: Austria – anywhere
Photography: Katrin Lernbeiß, http://lupispuma.com/ - courtesy of wg3


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