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Do-It-Yourself for micro architecture. Golf is a sport played on the “green”, in close contact with the environment. Architect, Johannes Berschneider’s design for the toilet block of a golf course in Germany therefore seeks to communicate with its context and is a DIY revelation.

A team effort to construct this micro-building that houses the toilets alongside the “green” in Lauterhofen, Germany.

A tamped concrete cube that stands next to the woods and seems to blend in completely with its natural surroundings. This fusion is mainly due to its archaic shape and execution. Indeed, the main material is hand tamped concrete, which was used by the Romans and that is now enjoying a revival in contemporary architecture. It does not require reinforcement or special tools and its colour reflects the local limestone, while the wooden casts of the formwork create a pleasant pattern.

The untreated timber used for the door comes from a tree that was felled to make room for the building. The mirrored glass opening guarantees natural light and a great view from inside, while providing the necessary privacy.

An old drinking trough from a local farm has been used for the sink – perfect harmony between local tradition and history and the new construction. A small architectural gem in the middle of nature.

Project: Johannes Berschneider
Location: Lauternhofen Oberpfalz, Germany
Photo: BetonBild, courtesy of http://www.beton.org
Year: 2012