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Award-winning architecture for a relaxing vacation
Hofgut Hafnerleiten offers everything required for a relaxing vacation in a beautiful natural setting. The theme constructions in the complex have been awarded the Bavarian architectural award.

Close to the town of Bad Birnbach in Lower Baviera, Hofgut Hafnerleiten awaits guests with its seven theme bungalows, each named after its particular location in the hotel’s big landscape garden: the tree house, the house on the water, the house on the hill, the house in the meadow, the patio house, the house in the garden and the boathouse. There are also pond suites available.

Each house has a fireplace, a chimney and a garden encouraging visitors to return to the rhythms of nature.

The homes were designed by architect Veronika Kammerer from studio lot, with Landscaping by Wolfgang Wagenhäuser.

Owners Anja Horn and Erwin Rückerl offer their guests a refuge far removed from stress, surrounded by nature, with a special focus on choice of materials for the houses and their furnishings, preferring timber from nearby forests and glass to encourage interaction with the outdoors.

This winter they also opened their “relax cubes”, a project of Stefan Hanninger: five wooden containers, each with a specific wellness function, to complete their proposal.

Design: Architecture – Veronika Kammerer (theme houses) Stefan Hanninger (relax cubes), Landscaping – Wolfgang Wagenhäuser
Link: Hofgut Hafnerleiten
Press office and public relations: PRCo Germany GmbH, http://www.prco.com/de
Location: Bad Birnbach, Germany
Photo credits: Günter Standl, http://www.guenterstandl.de
Awards: BDA Architekturpreis Bayern


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