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Windows with a view of places and landscapes.

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Anotherview. The art of looking out the window. Windows with a view of places and landscapes. Nothing odd in that, unless they are the works Milan-based creative group Anotherview, who make videos from fixed points that capture the movements and sounds filmed and bring them to our home. 

The view from a window is an important part of every home. It impacts our mood and, unlike the colour of a wall or the furniture, we can't change it. It becomes something constant, a part of our home that only changes with the seasons and the weather unless we take drastic measures.
And that's where the work and research of the Milan-based group, Anotherview.comes in. Marco Tabasso, Robert Andriessen and Tati Uzlova create what they call “Anotherview”. Videos filmed from fixed points, which are based on diversity with new perceptions of time and space as well as the camera's angle. They select unique places for their videos, ranging from the Italian countryside to a house in New York, from Venice's Canal Grand of Venice to the waterfront in Cape Town.
Actually, we could call what they do “slow art” because, in every Anotherview, framed by a window with a connection to the place being filmed, the viewer is confronted with an image accompanied by its own sound, which lasts exactly 24 hours. An endless time if you think of the rush and speed with which we consume images these days, where they take a couple of seconds to line up, a click, then onto the next one.
Instead, the Anotherview windows force you to slow down, they give you pause to carefully observe a location captured within a fixed frame where the focus of the visual narrative is time going by and you can control which part of the day you want to see with a simple App that comes with the view. 
After their city views, the latest two creations of Anotherview feature endangered animals and environments. View no. 6 is the visual diary of 30 July 2017, filmed in Domaine de Maguelonne, in Camargue and tells the story of the unique water environment of the Rhone Delta and its famous horses seen through a white window, which references the white of the local homes. Against this, view no. 7, Okaukuejo Waterhole gives us a sight as beautiful as it is rare - animal life around a waterhole in Namibia, where you can even see one of the last living rhinoceroses. Framed through a large window, this view transcends mere video art and becomes a testimony to the legacy of the environment.
You can see the Anotherview works at the Galleria Rossana Orlandi in Milan and they are also shown at leading art shows. 

Christiane Bürklein

Images: courtesy of Anotherview
Exhibition at Galleria Rossana Orlandi, Milan, Italy


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