Beckmann N’Thépé Seaport+Alleon Residential Complexes in Bordeaux

Agence Beckmann-N’Thépé,

Olivier Amsellem,

Bordeaux, France,

Housing, Residences, Condos,

The Beckmann N’Thépé architects studio is behind the project for the SEAPORT+ALLEON residential complexes on îlot Tam Tam in the Bassins à flot district of Bordeaux, the subject of important urban renewal.

Beckmann N’Thépé Seaport+Alleon Residential Complexes in Bordeaux

The Bassins à flotdistrict of Bordeaux is the subject of intense urban renewal activity, with the construction of a great deal of housing. This also includes the project by the Beckmann N’Thépé architecture studio on the îlot Tam Tam for the SEAPORT+ALLEONresidential complexes.

Valorising the industrial port heritage of Bordeaux, recovering the poetic spirit of places, and in particular the relationship with water, are just some of the elements that have inspired the project byAgence Beckmann-N’Thépé. For example, the volume of the high building which detaches from the complex from the fifth floor, is an explicit echo of port cranes. The tower offers panoramic views that restore a visual relationship with the basin and with the setting in general. In the inner part of the lot, the complex becomes a low volume in direct contact with the gardens. These are spacious terraces with large plants, green spaces that allow the inhabitants to rediscover a more human dimension of living.
The tribute to Bordeaux’s industrial past continues in the choice of material covering the facades: metal, whether full or perforated stainless steel or galvanised iron. Metal, with different surfaces and colours, covers the various elements of the façade: balconies, stairs, roofs and walkways and these different colours and surfaces help create a vision of an unusual and contemporary building.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Agence Beckmann-N’Thépé www.b-nt.biz
Location: Bordeaux, France
Photos: © Olivier Amsellem


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