Bars and Bistrots around the world

RED Arquitectos, Florian Busch Architects, Hitzig Militello Arquitectos,

Milan, Udine,


From the depths of the Southern hemisphere to Italy, here are some of the most interesting bars and bistrots in the pages of Floornature.com

Bars and Bistrots around the world

Provoking a reaction at first sight, transmitting suggestions and feelings that precede a pleasant experience of taste and conviviality.. This is the main aim of the interior design of a bar or bistrot that needs to attract potential clients from its street window. Here are some of the most interesting bars and bistrots worldwide, published in Floornature.com.

We begin deep in the Southern hemisphere with the latest project fromHitzig Militello Arquitectos The Birra a Ushuaia in Patagonia, a pub whose aesthetics recall a typical Argentinian delicatessen. An evocation of the past with a vintage interior is the Emilio Bistró, a restaurant in Boca del Río to the South of the Mexican port city Veracruz, designed by RED Arquitectos. In Chihuahua the bar La Champa by Mexican studio Urbánika transfers the textile theme of the typical woven basket of Spanish bread shops, which the food and wine on offer at the bar reflects, to the architecture.
From one extreme to another, in Kyoto, Japan Florian Busch Architects has transformed a building of just 50 m2 per floor into a bar-gallery whose 8 levels enclose a continuous space.

There are some very different projects in Italy: the little ‘glass’ bistrot at the Greenhouses of the Margherita Gardens in Bologna, by architecture collective laprimastanza. In Milan there is the SicilianMuddica bistrot an ex-tailor’s transformed by the DiDeA studio. Finally, in Udine, Mr. Simon is a secret bar by the Italian company Visual Display, which you can discover in the posts by Christiane Bürklein in Livegreenblog.

(Agnese Bifulco)