Architettura Matassoni, PAOLA BOCCIARELLI Boutique

Architettura Matassoni,

Store, Sport & Wellness,

Architects Alessandro and Leonardo Matassoni designed a monobrand store in the historic centre of the town of Montevarchi.

Architettura Matassoni, PAOLA BOCCIARELLI Boutique 
Working in the prestigious context of a historic building in the centre of an ancient Italian town imposes some major limitations which may offer architects interesting opportunities, as in the "Marina Rinaldi" boutique by studio d'Architettura Matassoni.

In this shop, only 3 m wide and 20 m long, the architects managed to create an exciting environment that invites shoppers to walk around and experience the boutique dynamically.

Light walls and floating floors are superimposed over the original structure.
The horizontal surfaces of the floor and ceiling are matt black, contrasting with the glossy white longitudinal walls which form the focus of the project.

The walls design and sculpt light with horizontal openings that become display spaces. Their sinuous forms invite the observer to discover the shop interior all the way back to the semi-circular recess that closes the space, flooded with light from above coming from the internal courtyard. Black and white images make the most of this architecture made up essentially of masses and volumes.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Architettura Matassoni (Alessandro Matassoni, Leonardo Matassoni)
Location: Montevarchi (AR), Italy
Illustrations: Architettura Matassoni