OASIA HOTEL A green skyscraper in Singapore – WOHA Architects

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The idea behind the green tower developed by WOHA Architects is one of the most original forms of vertical forest

OASIA HOTEL A green skyscraper in Singapore – WOHA Architects 
WOHA architects’ Verdant Living Tower in Singapore seems to rise out of the soil like a plant, built specifically to give the city a garden tower that stands out on the city skyline for its colour, form and content. It is a complex hotel divided into various different types of space, 199.08 m high with “only” 27 floors, containing a total of 314 hotel rooms. The tower has a frame of concrete, steel and glass, covered on the outside with microperforated aluminium panels painted five different shades of red. This allows the vegetation planted on each level of the building, a total of 1793 vases and 21 different species of climbing plant, to cling on easily, while combating the greenhouse effect in the rooms, as the plants and aluminium act as a sunbreak providing plenty of shade. The red aluminium goes well with its complementary colour, the green of the climbing plants, which blend together at night in an unexpected and unusual combination offering people the privacy that is so precious in the city centre without having to give up access to a garden. Red not only has aesthetic value but permits controlled heating of the elements, more than any other colour. Climbing plants have small root systems in relation to the size of the aerial part of the plant, and so they can be planted in very small vases, 1.10(L)x0.65(W)x1.05 (H) m. In the four sky terraces, located on the 6th, 12th, 21st and 27th floors, 33 different species have been introduced to ensure sufficient resistance to seasons and the weather with the right degree of biodiversity. Lastly, the technological cores are positioned at the corners of the building, and not in their usual position in its centre, improving distribution and permitting greater freedom of design with excellent static rigidity. The final green surface of the tower is 25,490 sqm, not really a forest, but plenty of vertical undergrowth!

Fabrizio Orsini

Project Location: 100 Peck Seah Street, Singapore 07933
Client: Far East SOHO Pte Ltd
Project Dates Design Inception: 01 February 2011
Start of Construction: 01 February 2012
Completed: April 2016
Architects: WOHA – Wong Mun Summ, Richard Hassell, Phua Hong Wei, Bernard Lee, Kim Young Beom, Evelyn Ng, Christina Ong, Huang Yue, Larissa Tan, Chen Shunann, Iyan Mulyadi, Oscar Korintus, Victoria Meadows, Simopoulou Olympia Konstantinou, Donovan Soon, Ang Chow Hwee, Dennis Kwek
Interior Design: Studio Patricia Urquiola


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