Architectural itineraries

Singapore, Matera, Dubai,

This summer we have selected a number of architectural itineraries presented in Floornature to offer you inspiration for a trip inspired by architecture.

Architectural itineraries

Floornature includes a whole section on architectural itineraries, for discovery of contemporary architectural projects in cities and regions all over the planet, as well as routes inspired by specific themes which transcend distances and boundaries.

This summer we have selected a number of itineraries linked with some of the most popular themes and places discussed on the internet.
We start in Brazil, which will host the 31st Olympic Games (Jogos da XXXI Olimpíada) - Rio 2016 starting on August 5, with an itinerary focusing on Brazilian architecture by Isay Weinfeld. Also in South America, we present an itinerary focusing on sustainable travel in Patagonia.
We also have two more itineraries about sustainable green travel: the world’s most sustainable schools and an itinerary in discover of "green New York". Our itinerary in Singapore features the skyline of the garden city designed to be the city of the future. We then go on to Dubai, a record-breaking city which is home to the world’s tallest skyscrapers and to whole artificial islands, a symbol of wealth and advanced technology.
From the world’s most advanced technologies, we go on to a place of ancient wisdom with an itinerary for the rediscovery of a way of living based on dwellings sculpted and dug into the rock, “the Sassi” of Matera, the Italian city that has been nominated European cultural capital in 2019.

(Agnese Bifulco)