Episode 17: Winka Dubbeldam Archi-Tectonics

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Winka Dubbeldam is a Dutch-American architect, founder of the New York-based Archi-tectonics, a firm that operates on multiple scales of investigation, ranging from object design, buildings to complex urban systems and urban planning. In 2006 with the partnership of Justin Korkhammer, new offices were opened in Netherlands and China. The studio works with a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach, combining task-specific intelligent and performance methods to reach a strong identity. Through deep research, extensive prototyping and digital craftsmanship, Archi-tectonics creates efficient, optimized and sustainable, healthy buildings with custom-tailored and cutting-edge technology, while preserving at the core of design a unique character embracing versatility and poetic precision. Winka Dubbeldam is widely known for her award-winning projects, using hybrid sustainable materials and smart building systems, always refined and elegant. 


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