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SET Architects, founded by Onorato di Manno and Andrea Tanci, is a young studio based in Rome, focused on architecture, urban planning and design.The firm has received prestigious awards as Young Italian Architects 2018, second place for New Italian Blood 2017, special prize for Dedalo Minosse, and selection for ‘Barbara Cappochin’. Respect of context and local culture, experimental and coherent use of materials characterize the entire creative process of their architectural work. Their idea of sustainability embraces innovative architectural solutions able to guarantee the well-being and quality of contemporary living. Authors of iconic monuments, become landmarks for their great visual and emotional impact, as the Shoah Memorial Monument in Bologna, have been celebrated by prestigious architectural magazines
SET Architects, a team of young architects, will entertain our audience, imprinting a fresh, innovative tone to our first virtual encounter. With their extremely precise though very concise language they evoke the notes of a precious, carefully crafted environment that is gradually disappearing. Simplicity, a key note of their creative process, combined with sustainable materials and reverence to context and identity, envisions and casts a flexible and resilient contemporary style of living. Rewarded with important recognitions, it will be for sure not a surprise if they will conceive very soon special projects that will stand out for their originality and expressiveness. Andrea Tanci, co-founder with Onorato di Manno of the firm, will be with us, as representative of Set Architects. 


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