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This week a Copenhagen based architecture practice, EFFEKT, co-founded in 2007 by Sinus Lynge and Tue Foge, will be represented in our podcast by the young Daniel Veenboer, expert in Sustainable Urban Development. Focused on bridging architecture, technology and ecology, EFFEKT has proposed extremely innovative and interesting works, that speak about social inclusion, community participation inside a preserved natural habitat. They have recently polarized the international attention with the beautiful, green captivating installation, ‘Ego to Eco’, that is currently exhibited at the Architecture Venice Biennale.
We will start our conversation talking about the wide spread respectful tendency in Denmark among the generation of young architects towards community and a social well-being, closely connected with nature and I will reserve a space to deepen how the second volume of a book series, titled ‘Co-creating Architecture’, entirely dedicated to the firm, has introduced the team as a collective of ‘empathic designers’ who practice ‘co-creation’. We will dwell on several alluring realizations, as the Forest Tower, conceived in enchanted natural contexts to promote educational experiences, bringing people, and in particular children, in close contact with a pristine nature and we will continue with the strategic environmental approaches adopted for the harbor front of ‘Middelfart’ and the new green spaces of ‘Gellerup’. We conclude our chat on topics as prefabrication, mentioning ‘The Urban Village’, a project for IKEA in synergic collaboration with SPACE10 ; circular architecture and economy, with regard to the recent intervention ‘Basarpladsen’ and ‘ReGen’, a new, exemplar self-sufficient model for a sustainable future. 


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