Zavoral Architekt’s Copper Bar



Zavoral Architekt designed the Copper Bar in central Litomysl, in the Czech Republic. The architects aimed to create an interior with a bold character that would perfectly suit the style of the town’s historic centre.

Zavoral Architekt’s Copper Bar

Copper Bar is the latest new creation by Czech architectural practice Zavoral Architekt. Located in the centre of Litomysl, it draws inspiration from the town’s historic buildings to determine its character and style, even while standing out as different.

What the client wanted was a cosy bar where customers could sip a glass of wine while chatting, feeling perfectly at home. The architects responded with use of traditional materials such as wood, calcareous plasterwork and, of course, copper. The plasterwork is dark in colour, in contrast with the wall covered entirely with copper that gives the bar its name. And it is this metal that gives the bar the vibrant energy the owner wanted.

All the furnishings are made of metal or painted dark colours in line with the bar’s style, while the bathrooms alter the paradigm, decorated in graffiti/underground style.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Litomysl, Czech Republic
Year: 2016
Area: 68 sqm
Design: Zavoral Architekt
Photos: BoysPlayNice



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