Wei Yi’s Ridge: bringing the hills into the home

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Interior designer Wei Yi has completed a luxury apartment in Taiwan with a splendid view of the hills, source of his inspiration. His design is based on different levels of depth, like those we see in a ridge of hills or mountains.

Wei Yi’s Ridge: bringing the hills into the home

The latest project by interior designer Wei Yi is called Ridge, and inspired by the hilly landscape visible through the big windows of the apartment, his source of inspiration for the design concept.

Hills are revealed gradually to our sight, ridge after ridge, with different hues and colours depending on the distance from which we see them; in the same way, the spaces in the home designed by Wei Yi are revealed in a series of levels, broadening spaces with a visual effect of overlapping.

The home interior reflects a dark, highly refined minimalism. The choice of materials, from brushed oak to pearly Ankara marble, with copper and leather furnishings, creates an elegant yet zen atmosphere perfect for the literary events the owners frequently host.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Taiwan
Year: 2017
Surface area: 180sqm
Design: Wei Yi International Design Associates – www.lw-id.com
Team: Fang XinYuan, Hong YuRu
Photos: Hey!Cheese


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