The new GranitiFiandre Exential Extreme collection



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"Essential as matter" is the slogan summing up the concept underlying the new collection of 150x75 cm and 75x75 cm tiles recently unveiled by GranitiFiandre.

The new GranitiFiandre Exential Extreme collection 
GranitiFiandre presented its latest new tile collection, Exential Extreme, available in the classic 150x75 and 75x75 cm sizes in five different colours with a choice of two finishes.
The name Exential Extreme sums up the concepts underlying the new tiles from the company based in Castellarano: essential, basic, pure, primary.

The new ultra-strong solid tiles in the Exential Extreme collection are the product of advanced technological research, with subtle tone-on-tone changes in hue running right through the entire thickness of the tile.
Available in 5 colours: Pure, Elemental, Intrinsic, Basic and Deep, Exential falls in line with today?s design trends, creating surfaces and covering spaces without using anything superfluous, using aesthetic effects based on the features of the materials used in the surfaces and the architectural qualities of space.

To provide the best possible response to all the architect?s needs and the possible uses of the materials, GranitiFiandre?s new collection is available with two different finishes. Silk-touch is a special form of honing inspired by the original processing of natural quarried marble, the perfect finish for interiors in which it is important to underline the colour and give the material a velvety surface. The second finish, slate, gives the surface of Exential Extreme tiles structure and strength and is recommended for outdoor applications and wellness facilities where a non-slip surface is required.


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