The image is an object: Floornature goes to VisCom.

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At the 25th VisCom Italia 2013, the visual communications trade fair held October 3 through 5 at the trade fair centre in Rho, Floornature explored the power of digital printing as an aid in design.

The image is an object: Floornature goes to VisCom.

Images as objects might be the best description of the Fenix DG stand set up by Francesca Borghi’s Your Smart Agency: a tangible example of visual marketing, as described in the book “L'immagine è un oggetto. Fondamenta di Visual Marketing con Storytelling” (The Image is an Object: The Basics of Visual Marketing with Storytelling). (http://www.floornature.it/notizie-novita-design-architettura/news-paolo-schianchi-limmagine-e-un-oggetto-8884/).

Visitors to the stand were welcomed in a setting made comfortable by elegant details such as sofas, lamps and even a spiral staircase. But closer inspection revealed the truth about these visual effects: they were images created by digital printing, a sophisticated technology that creates an illusion of reality.

The space featured a variety of different textures, depths and perspectives, with three-dimensional effects created using a house-shaped container expressing all the power of an image given concrete form by cutting-edge technologies. The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” was definitely true at this stand.

Stand concept and executive management: Your Smart Agency by Francesca Borghi, www.yoursmartagency.it
Client: Fenix DG
Digital printing: My Collection, http://www.mycollection.it
Location: Rho, Italy
Year: 2013
Photos: Yuri Vazzola, www.yurivazzola.com


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