The best of the week: Family homes


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Here are some of the residential buildings presented recently in Floornature, designs as a search for contemporary living and as a dialogue with natural settings, underlining or blending into their surroundings.

The best of the week: Family homes

We have presented a number of residential buildings in Floornature in recent months; buildings constructed far from one another which nonetheless share the same consideration for the study of contemporary living.
Architectural projects in which the relationship with the building’s natural surroundings is always given great importance, whether they underline the landscape or contrast with it.
Here are a few of the most recent projects:
Fran Silvestre Arquitectos’ Balint House, one of the most popular buildings with the public on the web in 2014, with its elliptical shape minimising its footprint on the ground.
Pezo von Ellrichshausen’s Guna House contrasts with nature while underlining it at the same time.
Graux & Baeyens architecten reflected on the contemporary Flemish house in the design of the VDV house in Destelbergen, Belgium. In the Netherlands, Unstudio’s W.i.n.d. House presents an “intelligent” home concept. The Desert Courtyard House built by Wendell Burnette Architects in Arizona dialogues with the landscape around it, as does the Texugueira House designed by Contaminar Arquitectos in Portugal.


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