Tenuta Mara Casa Clima Wine Certification

Umberto De Carolis, Paolo Muccini,

Riccardo Gallini,



Tenuta Mara, home to the biodynamic winemaker of the same name in San Clemente di Rimini, combines biodynamic agriculture with art and architecture to produce Italy’s best biodynamic wine, according to Luca Maroni’s guidebook.

Tenuta Mara Casa Clima Wine Certification

Tenuta Mara in San Clemente di Rimini is the first winemaker in Emilia-Romagna to obtain Casa Clima Wine certification according to the Casa Clima protocol applicable specifically to wineries.

Compliance with high standards of cladding, use of ecological materials and renewable energy sources, careful water management with rainwater collection and soil drainage are only part of a wider-ranging vision addressing all aspects of sustainability. The winemaker applies the dictates of biodynamic agriculture, without using any chemicals, to make Maramia, an elegant, refined red wine with ‘Demeter’ certification made from 100% Sangiovese grapes.
On the estate, art and architecture come together, and sustainability translates into creation of an aesthetically pleasing environment which users of all kinds find stimulating. The gardens contain sculptures directing visitors to viewpoints and framing constructions, the vats in the wine cellar are decorated by artists, and the barrels are guarded by ancient Chinese warriors. Music plays an important role as well; Mozart is played in the vineyards, and Gregorian chant accompanies the fermentation of the wine in the cellar.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Architectural design: arch. Umberto De Carolis and Paolo Muccini
Consultants: ing. Gabriele Di Giuli (heating technology), Pierluigi Ferri (electrical technology), ing. Sancisi and Chiarini + surveyor Melandri (energy technology), ing. Alberto Piffer (acoustics).
Photos: Riccardo Gallini