SWBI Architects Adobe Campus Noida India



Maximising energy conservation and minimising ecological footprint are the keys to SWBI Architects’s new research and development centre in Noida, India designed for American multinational Adobe Systems.

SWBI Architects Adobe Campus Noida India

The new Adobe Systems research and development centre designed by SWBI Architects in Noida, India is an energy-efficient campus for more than 2000 IT technicians.

A practical building designed to maximise energy conservation and minimise ecological footprint, it achieves LEED Platinum level and sets a new standard for the design of workplaces in India, a theme of growing importance in the country.

The architects integrated these global principles with artistic expressionto create practical, vibrant workspaces with attentively designed recreational facilities inside and outside the building: a multipurpose hall, a gym, outdoor courtyards, lounge areas and a cafeteria.
The campus is part of an integrated master plan, permitting its construction to be planned in separate phases. The architects have designed a series of courtyards and panoramic pathways with plenty of water and plants to invite workers to stroll

between the buildings in the complex.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Principal Architect: SWBI Architects
Design Team: Sanjay Wadhwa
Photographer: Kapil Kamra



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