Stoerrr’s Blooming Hotel Kids Club



Stoerrr is an interior design studio specialising in places for children. They created the "Kids Club" for the Blooming Hotel, a prominent holiday destination in the Netherlands, employing a multidisciplinary approach based on pedagogy and "biophilia".

Stoerrr’s Blooming Hotel Kids Club

Everyone feels good in a natural environment. This is the thesis behind the Dutch interior designers of Stoerr’s projects. They call it "Biophilic Design" and also applied it to the Kids Club Stoerrr created for the Blooming Hotel, one of the Netherlands’ most prestigious summer holiday hotels.

Despite the limited space and budget, Stoerrr created a minimalist space full of trees, animals and lily leaves, which were later also added to the swimming pool area.
Project team leader Koen Crommentuijn speaks of the experience: "It was the perfect combination for us. A fun, beautiful design, made with ecological materials, and a biophilic approach bringing nature into indoor spaces. We all feel good if we are surrounded by trees or on the beach, and this is the key to the project. We also added educational toy elements that teach children about the importance of taking care of our planet."
The project definitely invites kids to explore without even leaving the hotel.

Francesco Cibati

Design: Stoerrr
Year: 2015
Location: The Netherlands
Photos: courtesy of Stoerrr