Snøhetta - Faculty of Fine Arts, Music and Design in Bergen


Trond Isaksen, Tomasz Majewski Photography,



The new building designed by Snøhetta in Bergen and inaugurated on October 11 houses the Faculty of Fine Arts, Music and Design, replacing the Bergen Academy of Art & Design.

Snøhetta - Faculty of Fine Arts, Music and Design in Bergen

Snøhetta designed the new premises of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Music and Design in Bergen, replacing the Bergen Academy of Art & Design and bringing together all the University’s artistic faculties in a single building. The new building creates a link between the University and the city and becomes an important cultural attraction for citizens.

The architects interpret the need to open the institution to the city in a project organised on the basis of two axes or main routes, one inside for students and one outside for the public. The element joining the two is the "project hall", a multi-purpose space and area of transition between the public and private spheres crossing right through the building. The project hall corresponds to a big window covering multiple levels on the main façade, establishing a visual connection between the building and the public plaza outside so that the centre participates in the life of the city.
Inside the building, the spaces for students are simple and practical, capable of containing heavy machinery and special structures for working with materials such as wood, ceramic and metal, for 3D modelling and printing, and so on. On the outside, the building is characterised by a metal skin covering its walls and the overhanging volumes of the social areas where users can get together to relax and admire the view. The building’s skin consists of modular panels that create areas of light and shadow on the wall which change with the seasons, representing Snøhetta’s homage to the Norwegian coast.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Snøhetta
Location: Bergen, Norway
Photos: Trond Isaksen, Tomasz Majewski Photography.



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