A rooster for Chinese New Year by 100architects


Amey Kandalgaonkar,


Installation, Exhibition Center,

2017 is the Chinese Year of the Rooster and, as usual, there were splendid celebrations. In particular, in Xintiandi, an important commercial area of Shanghai, there is an imposing interactive installation that is the work of 100architects.

A rooster for Chinese New Year by 100architects

100architects is a Chinese architecture studio that this year has made the celebrations for Chinese New Year special in Xintiandi, a commercial area of Shanghai famous not only for shopping and entertainment, but also for art installations.

100architects has been asked to create one of these installations. However, unlike previous years the architects wanted to make it usable and interactive, not only something to be observed passively. The installation for the year of the Rooster had to attract attention and take centre stage, just like the sign of the Rooster itself.

The giant rooster by 100architects was created to give the impression that 3D objects emerge from 2D images and graphics, in an interplay of optical illusions. The installation is divided into various areas, in which people can interact with it in various ways thanks to the shapes, images and objects found there.

Francesco Cibati

Place: Shanghai, China
Year: 2017
Height: 15m
Surface area: 73 m2
Architects: 100architects
Team: Marcial Jesus, Javier Gonzalez and Nasim Sehat
Photos: Amey Kandalgaonkar