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Architect Rafael de La Hoz has won the competition for the high-speed railway terminal in the town of Huelva in Andalusia on the southern coast of Spain.

RAFAEL DE LA-HOZ ARCHITECTS, PUERTA UMBRÍA Rafael de La-Hoz?s architectural studio has won the competition to design and build a high-speed railway station in Huelva, Spain. The Spanish architect?s project was preferred over four other finalists: Ateliers Jean Nouvel - Ines Ingenieros Consultores - Coot Arquitectos, Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos - Euroestudios, Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partner - Vidal y Asociados Estudio de Arquitectura - Fhecor Ingenieros Consultores,  and Foreign Office Architects (Alejandro Zaera-Polo) - GPO.

The architects find that the Latin expression Tabula Rasa best sums up the project concept, proposing a simple architectural gesture: a horizontal line, a plane, a roof to shelter and offer shade; at the same time, it marks a beginning, just as the station is the beginning and end of every voyage.

Agnese Bifulco

Design: Rafael de La-Hoz Architects
Location: Huelva, Spain
Pictures: courtesy of Rafael De La-hoz Architects