Proctor and Matthews Abode Great Kneighton Cambridge

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Abode Great Kneighton is a housing development in Cambridge designed by Proctor and Matthews Architects including 306 homes which fit perfectly into the site and the landscape.

Proctor and Matthews Abode Great Kneighton Cambridge

Proctor and Matthews Architects designed Abode Great Kneighton housing development in Cambridge, consisting of 306 homes with a great variety of different finishes and layouts to fit into the landscape as well as responding to the client’s needs.

Great Court” is the name of the entrance to the complex, with tall buildings overlooking a big courtyard, recalling the traditional colleges of Cambridge.
It is followed by a series of row houses, which might be viewed as an area of transition between the Great Court and "Green Lanes". The row houses are made of brick, like the Great Court, but are smaller in size.
The last area, "Green Lanes", looks like a traditional village, with smaller houses grouped around fenced-in gardens or common green areas and narrow winding paths between the buildings.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Architect: Proctor and Matthews Architects
Location: Cambridge, UK

Images courtesy of RIBA - Proctor and Matthews Architects photos by Tim Crocker