Precious floating bubbles by AD Architecture for Lonshry Jewellery

AD Architecture,

Guangdong, China,


Elegance is not an optional for jewellery stores. The AD Architecture studio, based in Hong Kong, has transformed a colossal concrete pillar in the centre of a 65 m2 space into an elegant art installation, bringing vitality and refinement to the interior.

Precious floating bubbles by AD Architecture for Lonshry Jewellery

When it approached the interior design for Lonshry Jewellery, the AD Architecture studio had to find a planning solution to embellish the large pillar that dominated the tiny 65 m2 space. The solution was provided by nature, with the organic, sinuous shape of oxygen bubbles rising from water.

The Lonshry Jewellery store now has a myriad of golden ‘bubbles’ , of various sizes, that fluctuate in the centre of the space. All this gives life and splendour to the jewellery store and makes it stand out from the rest. Skilfully placed mirrors reflect the whole installation, multiplying the spaces and the effects of light and reflections.

Besides gold, the colour that provides the backdrop to the store is the white of marble, with its distinctive grey veins. The pattern is also repeated in the carpets that cover the whole of the floor, giving a sensation of luxury and comfort that already permeates the entire design by Xie Pei-He.

Francesco Cibati

Main materials: marble, carpets, glass and brushed brass.
Place: Guangdong, China
Year: 2017
Surface area: 65m2
Design: AD Architecture – www.adcasa.hk
Team: Xie Pei-He, Xing Han-Qin, Zhou Qian