Pietro Porcinai in Trivero: Gardens and landscape exhibition

Oscar Niemeyer,


Until July 10 the Winter Garden on the roof of Lanificio Zegna, designed by architect Pietro Porcinai, hosts an exhibition about the public and private gardens the landscape architect has created over the course of his twenty-year partnership with the Zegna family.

Pietro Porcinai in Trivero: Gardens and landscape exhibition

The exhibition “Pietro Porcinai in Trivero: Gardens and landscape, between public and private” which opened recently in Trivero pays homage to architect Pietro Porcinai, one of the most important landscape architects of the 20th century, who completed 1100 projects in Italy and other countries on various different scales, from private gardens to city parks, working with such prominent partners as Tobias Scarpa and Oscar Niemeyer, BBPR and Franco Albini.
The exhibition is held in the winter gardens of Lanificio Zegna, a space designed by Pietro Porcinai himself, and, though limited to studies and projects in Trivero, includes examples of the different scales the architect has worked on.
The projects on display may be divided into three main categories: public, that is, projects for the community of Trivero along the Zegna panoramic road; and private, family gardens for the Zegna family’s Ca’ Gianin and Al Roc residences; l’business, that is, projects for transformation of the spaces between the Lanificio and the private homes to make them suitable for the purposes of hospitality and public relations.
The landscape architect’s partnership with the Zegna family dates back to 1950, when Ermenegildo Zegna first appointed Porcinai to work for him, and continued over the next twenty years. His most important projects include landscaping of the Zegna panoramic road with restoration of vegetation and creation of the Conca dei Rododendri, an accessible mountain garden, one of the most dramatic and most photographed parts of what is now known as Oasi Zegna.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Pietro Porcinai in Trivero: Gardens and landscape, public and private.
Curated by Maria Luisa Frisa and Luigi Latini. Set-up by Alessandro Gori. Laboratorium.
Dates: May 8 – July 10 2016
Location: Trivero, Italy

Images courtesy of Casa Zegna, Archivio Fondazione Zegna, Luigi Latini, Paola Rosetta



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