Pierre-Alain Dupraz La Topographie en Architecture exhibition - Paris

Pierre-Alain Dupraz,




Relationship to site topography is the key theme in the recent projects of architect Pierre-Alain Dupraz, on exhibit until May 17 at La Galerie d'Architecture in Paris.

Pierre-Alain Dupraz La Topographie en Architecture exhibition - Paris

Architecture competitions, schools, private homes and urban walkways: architect Pierre-Alain Dupraz’s recent projects are featured in an exhibition at La Galerie d'Architecture in Paris casting light on the key theme common to all the projects: relationship with site topography.

One project in particular, Saint-Jean nursery school in Geneva, marks the beginning of Pierre-Alain Dupraz’s focus on this theme, also developed in his other projects. It demonstrates how the work of architecture’s relationship with its site is the ultimate goal of a series of decisions made at all phases and by all the people involved in a project: from the choice of building techniques and materials to the internal layout and the points of view the architect decides to underline.

Saint-Jean nursery school is an underground construction built below a public park, with the exception of the existing office building and cafeteria. This condition required use of concrete as the primary construction material and construction of a gently inclined ramp leading to the school’s inner courtyard: a safe place for children to play outdoors which also provides the classrooms with natural lighting and ventilation. Pierre-Alain Dupraz’s project allows the local inhabitants to enjoy use of a park with pathways and gardens, without any buildings in it, while ensuring that the nursery school is “visually present” even though it is independent of the surrounding neighbourhood.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Exhibition: Pierre-Alain Dupraz La Topographie en Architecture
Dates: April 21 – May 17 2017

Images courtesy of La Galerie d'Architecture Paris photo by: Kuster Frey, Serge Fruhauf, Thomas Jantscher


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