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Oriol Bohigas - MBM Arquitectes


MBM Arquitectes is a Spanish architecture and urban planning studio based in Barcelona, founded in 1951 by Spanish architects Oriol Bohigas (1925) and Josep Martorell Codina (1925), it was expanded in 1961 with the addition of British architect David Mackay (1933-2014), forming the team that made MBM famous and with which the studio has worked for more than half a century in Spain and other European countries.
Of the founding members, Bohigas boasts a long theoretical career, teaching (at the School of Architecture in Barcelona since 1964, becoming director in 1971) and authoring numerous books and essays.
When the studio was formed, Bohigas and Martorell’s primary concern was “opposition to Frankist architecture” in vogue in the country at the time: to detach themselves from this style, the studio used a number of key figures in Italian architecture as their models, including “Ernesto Rogers (editor of di Casabella, ed.) for his qualities as a theoretician and Ignazio Gardella for his design practice (…) The change to modernity in Catalonia is certainly due primarily to this contact with Italian architecture and with the group in Milan above all” (Bagnato, interview with Bohigas).
MBM has worked since 1953 on housing developments, especially timesharing and holiday resorts. Projects of this kind include, in Barcelona, the Paseo Maragall complex, the Calle Escorial block; the homes on Can Folch block; the Vora de la Ronda home. The studio also designed single-family homes such as Casa Granollers (1977)
In the mid-eighties MBM began to work on a series of public libraries (Can Sumarro, La Sènia, Tortiosa, Ciutat Badìa, St. Boi de Llobregat), and since 1992, starting with the Vila Olimpica project, the studio concentrated on a series of “projects relating to the architectural and design set-up of urban planning themes” which took them beyond the borders of Spain to Siena, Birmingham, Paris, Hamburg and Berlin.
Since 2000 the studio’s partners have included architects Francesc Gual and Oriol Capdevila (1955, in charge of many MBM projects since 1990); that latter worked with Bohigas on many projects presented in Italy in recent years, in Parma, Salerno, Catania and Falconara, among other places.
Recent built projects include the Disseny Hub Centre and Museum Building in Barcelona, opened in December 2014.
Oriol Bohigas - MBM Arquitectes famous works and projects
- Disseny Hub, Barcelona (Spain), 2014
- Plan for the New Palazzo del Cinema in Venuce, 2005
- Sextius Mirabeau district, Aix-en-Provence, (France), 2004
- Redevelopment of the waterfront, Falconara (Italy), 2003
- Urban redevelopment plan (apartments, shops and offices) for the De Cecco factory, Pescara (Italy), 2000
- Plan for redefinition of Buchanan Street, Glasgow (United Kingdom), 1997
- Project for the “Mission Perrache-Confluent” competition, Lyon (France), 1997
- “Gothic stone and tensile” pavilion, Expo Seville, Seville (Spain), 1992  
- Harbormaster’s House - Olympic Port, Barcelona (Spain), 1991
- Villa Olimpica (Olympic Village), Barcelona (Spain), 1992
- Plan for Piazza Matteotti, Siena (Italy), 1988
- Can Sumarro, La Sènia, Tortiosa, Ciutat Badìa and St. Boi de Llobregat public libraries (Spain), since 1984
- Casa Granollers, Barcelona (Spain), 1977
- Vall- Roig de Cerdanyola housing complex, Barcelona (Spain), 1974
- Europalma apartments, Majorca (Spain), 1964
- Casa Guardiola, Argentona (1955)
- Homes in Calle Escorial, Calvet, Borrell, Casp, Barcelona (Spain)

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